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Livestream: Launch Event

Launch Event, chaired by Samira Ahmed. Speakers Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Armando Iannucci, Sir John Sawers, Cat Lewis and Emily Bell make the case for PSB.

youtube livestream

Broadcast: 20th May, 2021
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Forthcoming Events

Be part of the discussion at live events… Dates coming soon.

(Date, TBC)

Trust and Misinformation

Well-researched, trustworthy information is expensive to produce so how do we ensure that is freely available when there is much dis- and mis-information in a world where there are no longer hard borders between home and abroad.

(Date, TBC)

The Young Ones

Broadcasting for children and young people – what do they want and need from education to entertainment.

(Date, TBC)

All Together Now

How public service broadcasting reflects British values and speaks to the nations and regions of the UK.

(Date, TBC)

Something for Everyone

From old favourites to new music, how can public service broadcasting continue to support artistic creativity and innovation from popular to high-brow.

(Date, TBC)

Funding Public Service Broadcasting

Developing a viable financial and legislative framework, solutions and dangers from other countries.

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