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Lord Myners obituary

The death of Paul Myners – Lord Myners – is a huge loss. He was our chair as we set up our campaign, and his chairmanship was crucial in shaping the campaign to fight the Government’s hostility to public service broadcasting. We benefited immeasurably from Paul’s incisive intelligence, the speed of his decision-making, and his conviction that the Government simply had to be stopped from wrecking a great British institution. He seemed to be possessed of infinite energy and enthusiasm. He was fearless, using his position in the House of Lords to ask embarrassing questions of the Government and using FOI with a certain relish. Our Zoom meetings were enlivened by his habit of smoking extremely large cigars while he took decisions at lightning speed. There was nothing in his association with us that benefitted him – except that he thought it the right thing to do. We miss him very much.

A full obituary, published by the Guardian, can be read by clicking the button below.

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