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Not 4 Sale: The Campaign

In July 2021, the government launched their consultation on the future of Channel 4, with their preferred option being “to facilitate a change of ownership”. We believe this would be a mistake, and that privatisation of Channel 4 would be damaging to audiences, to independent producers, and to Britain. That’s why we’ve signed Broadcast magazine’s Not 4 Sale pledge:

“Channel 4’s publisher-broadcaster model and unique PSB remit has been integral to the success of the British television industry. Privatising it would be detrimental to audiences and the sector and risks undermining the £1 billion that C4 generates for the UK economy.”

Event – The Future of Channel 4

With Steve Coogan, Claire Enders, Marcus Ryder and Andrew Sheldon

Future of C4 roundtable: Marcus Ryder; Steve Coogan; Claire Enders; Andrew Sheldon

Quartet discuss potential impact of privatisation

Broadcast and the British Broadcasting Challenge brought together four major industry figures to assess the implications of the proposed privatisation of Channel 4 for viewers and the TV industry.

The wide-ranging debate featured industry-leading analyst Claire Enders; Andrew Sheldon, the cofounder of Leeds indie True North; actor, comedian, producer and writer Steve Coogan; and news and current affairs exec and diversity in the media expert Marcus Ryder.

The quartet analysed C4’s place in the market in terms of what it does now, and what it might do in the future, and discussed its long term future.

The full debate is below, as well as selected extracts, including:

  • Steve Coogan on C4 taking risks on shows that the market wouldn’t support
  • Andrew Sheldon on C4 embracing the nations and regions and the importance of the publisher/broadcaster model
  • Claire Enders on how public ownership has directly contributing to C4’s sustainability
  • Marcus Ryder on how C4 has slipped away from its radical roots via changes in regulation

Essential Reading

Read The Article (PDF)
Read The Article (PDF)
Read The Article (PDF)

Thanks to Patrick Barwise and the Media Reform Coalition for allowing us to reproduce these documents

Not4Sale Updates & Reference Material

Independent Producers

Every year, Channel 4 works with over 300 production companies and has directly invested £12 billion into the independent production sector over its lifetime. Privatising Channel 4 would threaten these producers and the jobs they create, which are spread all across the United Kingdom – as this map shows.

Map source: Created using list of PACT members

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