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Published on: Updates

Response to Richard Sharp’s resignation

Following Richard Sharp’s resignation as BBC chairman, we would like to make the following points:

  • The process for appointing Richard Sharp was clearly flawed
  • However good Mr Sharp may have been as chair, his credibility was undermined by the chummyness evident in him being appointed over other candidates who were equally qualified
  • This hurts the BBC’s credibility, both at home and around the world
  • The BBC needs a strong chair to champion the Corporation, and to ensure it is able to deliver on its mission
  • The role of chair always has a political dimension – we do not expect them to be apolitical
  • However, the process of appointing Mr Sharp’s replacement must be reformed to remove any party-political influence
  • Appointments for the next chair, and for other board positions with four-year terms, are likely to outlast the current government

We are calling for a new, independent process for appointing the chair of the BBC – and other, similar roles, such as the chair of Ofcom and Channel Four board members – to ensure that our vital public institutions and broadcasters get the leadership and governance that they deserve.

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