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Tim Davie: ‘A BBC For The Future’

We warmly welcome the visionary speech given by Tim Davie, the BBC Director General, on 26 March which outlined the Corporation’s strategic approach to charter renewal.

The speech sets out an ambitious vision for public service broadcasting in the digital age and focusses on three key roles which the BBC will play to strengthen our democracy, our creative economy and our society:

  • Pursue the truth with no agenda
  • Back British storytelling
  • Bring people together

He also announced that the BBC would examine the long-term sustainability of the BBC licence fee and engage in a huge public consultation process on its future.

It is a strongly-worded forward-looking speech which faces up to the dangers and potential benefits of technological developments and AI and describes how the BBC will meet these challenges.

To sum up – it argues persuasively for the economic, social and political necessity of the BBC both for us and for future generations.

It is a significant speech and most news reports have failed to do justice to its wide-ranging content. It is well worth reading in full, and can be found by clicking here.

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